Northampton Community Garden


The registered Gardener for each plot is responsible for completing two hours of Community Garden Service for the first plot, plus one hour for each additional plot.

Registered Gardeners will be contacted in the late spring and early summer by members of the Garden Committee with opportunities to sign up for the various tasks, including:

  • Mowing grass
  • Trimming grass around posts and spigots
  • Assisting with community compost piles
  • Maintaining tools and the tool shed
  • Inspecting plots during one of the three inspections each season
  • Helping during Spring Cleanup and Fall Cleanup Days
  • Writing for the Newsletter
  • Oh so many more – check the Newsletter or contact us for additional opportunities

Recording Community Garden Service Hours

A link to an online form for recording Community Garden Service hours will be posted here, shared in the Newsletter, and emailed to registered gardeners at several points during the season.

Our Garden Community has an important and meaningful ongoing relationship with the Northampton Survival Center. In addition to volunteers maintaining a plot for the Center, we also encourage all members to donate excess crops throughout the growing season. There is a cooler kept behind the storage shed for this purpose, the contents of which are taken each Tuesday to the Survival Center. Thank you!