Northampton Community Garden

New Gardener Registration

Thank you to everyone at the City and on the garden committee who made our 2021 registration day a success!

The garden is fully rented for the 2021 season and we are starting the season with a waitlist of about 10 gardeners. If you would like to be added to this waitlist, please contact the garden committee. We may be able to open up some additional “problem” plots (excessively shade, tree roots, etc.) to new gardeners later in the season after they have been evaluated and prepared.

Each plot at the Garden is roughly 20 x 20 feet and first-year gardeners are limited to a single plot. The plot fee is $25, with a $10 discount on a single plot for those 65+ and low-income scholarships available. The Garden furnishes water (there are 12 outlets distributed throughout the garden, with attached hoses), and community tools (spades, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.). Rock dust and wood chips are also available to gardeners without charge.