Northampton Community Garden

COVID-19 related updates

Watch this page for the latest information about things happening at the Garden, information about how to help keep the Garden safe, and information about changes in planned Garden events due to the Massachusetts State of Emergency and the City of Northampton’s COVID-19 response.

As you are all aware, the situation with the coronavirus continues to evolve and there are no firm dates for when the current restrictions will be lifted.

New Gardener Sign-Up Day Cancelled

  • New Gardener Sign-Up Day, originally scheduled for March 21, 2020, has been cancelled and all new gardener registrations will be postponed for at least three weeks.
  • New Gardener Orientation has also been cancelled. Once the COVID-19-related meeting restrictions have been eased or lifted, we will re-evaluate the needs of our new gardeners and plan an orientation or informational meeting accordingly.
  • The registration period for new gardeners, when it happens, will be handled electronically, on an individual basis and through the Rec. Dept. There will not be a single event as in typical years.
  • We will post more details as we have them.

Tool Shed Closure

  • Guidance from the CDC and other agencies has suggested varying times that the coronavirus is able to remain alive on different surfaces including steel, plastic, wood, and cardboard. In some cases it seems to be hours and on other surfaces it might be days.
  • That means that gardening tools may be carriers for live virus whether someone used them this morning or days ago.
  • Until we have more science-based information about the virus and understand how best to manage tool use, we will be closing the tool shed.
  • We understand this will be a hardship to some gardeners, but our greater concern is everyone’s health, keeping the Garden as safe as possible, and in helping to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Please refer to CDC guidelines to better understand how the virus is spread, how to protect yourself, how to protect those around you and what to do if you get sick.

New Plots for Current Gardeners

  • The closure time for the Northampton Rec. Dept. has been extended to three weeks and could possibly be longer.
  • With no one at the office there is no way to process registration forms or payments, so we are also unable to assign new plots to current gardeners at this time.
  • As soon as we know the Rec. Dept. will be re-opening, we will begin to reach out to everyone who has requested additional or new plots for this year.
  • It’s always a lengthy process, but we will still contact all current gardeners who indicated they would like an additional or new plot before we begin to register new gardeners.

April Garden Committee Meeting

  • The April Garden Committee Meeting will be held virtually.
  • If you have something to discuss with the Garden Committee please email us or wait until we are back into our regular monthly meeting schedule.

Other Garden Events

  • For now, the dates for Opening Day, Provisional Inspections, the Clean Plant Sale, and all other Garden events will remain the same.
  • However everything is subject to change depending on the progression of the coronavirus and the federal, state and city policies put in place in response to it.