Northampton Community Garden

Spring Greetings from the Garden

Welcome to both Returning and New Gardeners!

This is the first in a series of Garden posts you’ll see over the next weeks as we work out the 2021 Schedule of Garden Events and respond to the evolving local/state COVID regulations as they pertain to the Garden.
The most important things you need to know right now:

  • Earlier this week the City of Northampton issued new COVID regulations regarding masks: effective immediately, masks must be worn in all outdoor public places at all times. This means that all gardeners must wear masks while we’re in the Garden – both in our own plots and while we move through the Garden.
  • The Garden is fully rented out for the season. We fulfilled as many requests for additional plots from Returning Gardeners as we received. And we registered 30+ new gardeners last weekend. There are currently no additional plots to assign/rent. So there will be lots of new faces in the Garden this season!
  • If you are a New Gardener – we’re working with the City to figure out at way to be able to hold a couple of in-person New Gardener Orientation events at the Garden in early April. Watch for updates! In the mean time please email us with questions and/or ask other gardeners.

New Gardener Sign-Up Event Last Weekend

  • We worked closely with the Rec. Dept. and were able to hold an in-person New Gardener Sign-Up Event last Saturday morning, March 21st.
  • We were mostly outside (with masks, tables, traffic cones, hand sanitizer, and lots of bleach wipes) at the Rec. Dept.
  • Happily, the weather cooperated and those waiting in line were very patient.
  • Thank you to long-time gardeners, Patty Ryan & Tom Gagnon, and to the Rec. Dept.’s Sandra Gross for working with us to process new registrations.

Garden Opening Dates and Events

  • Water – As always, the water turn-on date is TBD by the DPW. We’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to be turned on as soon as we hear from them. It depends on April’s temperatures.
  • And thank you to Rec. Dept. Director Ann-Marie Moggio for working with us to organize and run the event.
  • Tool Shed – We will be able to use the shared tools in the Tool Shed this year. We have a few details to work out and safety rules to put in place before we open it and share the new lock combination. Stay tuned!
  • To minimize the number of gardeners in the Garden at any one time, we will be doing Garden Opening events on different days – the same way we did it for Garden Closing in the Fall. We’ll let you know those dates ASAP, including hose deployment, and dates for delivery of bulk compost and straw bales.
  • Garden Neighbors – if you served as a Garden Neighbor last year, please contact coordinator Ellie Cook ( about your availability this year. With so many new gardeners, we’d like to get the Garden Neighbors team set up and signs in your plots as quickly as we can.

Garden Committee

  • We will be looking to fill a couple of positions on the Garden Committee this year. All positions on the GC are working roles – meaning that you will be responsible for managing some aspect of the daily Garden operations and reporting back to the GC at our monthly meetings.
  • Serving on the Garden Committee fulfills your annual Community Service responsibilities.
  • Right now we need a Mowing Manager to oversee the mowing schedule. Please let us know if you’re interested!

As always, let us know if you have questions or if there are other things we need to address.

Larri Cochran & Betsey Wolfson

for the Garden Committee

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